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Cancellation Request

Your Cancellation will not be considered complete until you receive a cancellation confirmation number by email. If you do not receive an email within 7 business days, please call the YMCA at 541-440-9622 as there may be missing information that is needed for us to be able to complete your request.


For use of the full facility



Membership Type                               Monthly Fee   Joining Fee


Youth (Ages 0-18)                                      
Single Young Adult (Ages 19-25)                

Adult (Ages 26-59)                                     


Senior Adult (Ages 60+)                            
Senior Family*        



* Family is defined as one or two adults (who are related or in a domestic partnership) and their dependents living in the same household through the age of 18 (or 23 if full time students, proof of enrollment required).

** Add-ons not available on all memberships, please speak with a membership associate for more information.

*** Each additional adult has a $27.50 charge after the 2nd adult. Additions must be related and living in the same household. Proof of residency required.

Facility Hours

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