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Current upcoming closures.

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Severe Weather Policy

When a forecast for snow, ice, high winds or lightning occurs, we may alter our hours, or close some (or all) of the facility, for the safety of our staff and members.

We highly recommend signing up for text alerts for your areas of interest as well as facility text alerts. Sign up now



YMCA of the USA and the National Lightning and Safety Institute recommend that both outdoor and indoor pools be cleared during a lightning and thunderstorm. We follow the 30-minute rule at all of YMCA of Douglas County pools.

That means all Y pools (indoor) close for 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder, or sight of lightning within a 10 mile radius of the pool. 

Members and guests must move off the pool deck to wait out a delay.


Why do we close our indoor pools during a storm?
Water is an excellent conductor of electricity. Just because a pool is surrounded by a structure does not make it safe during a storm.


Lightning kills more people in the U.S. than hurricanes and tornados combined.

The average storm is 6 - 10 miles wide and moves at 25 MPH.

13 percent of all lightning incidents involve swimming, boating or fishing.

Thunder is usually heard up to 12 miles from a lightning strike. In other words, if you can hear thunder, you’re in danger of lightning.

Lightning strikes can reach up to 10 miles.  


Staffing Shortages

Although we do everything possible to maintain all services and programs, there may be times that we must alter or cancel services due to unforeseen staffing shortages. 

  • We will notify with signage and send out text alerts for that service when this happens.

  • Text alerts will be sent out for those specific programs or services affected.

Pool Closures

Our regular pool schedules maybe altered or cancelled for the following reasons.

  • Chemical imbalance or maintenance

  • Lightning (lightning closer than 10 miles in 30 minutes requires an aquatic center closure)

  • Pool Rental or Swim Meet

  • We highly recommend you sign up for facility and pool text alerts if you use this area

Annual Closure (Facility Enhancement Week)

The YMCA will be closed for one week each year 


Q: What is facility enhancement week?

A: It is common practice for YMCAs to do major maintenance projects all at once instead of closing off the facility** many times throughout the year. Our Y has chosen to do our week during the last week of August this year. Since we are closed Labor day our dates of closure will begin Saturday 8/24/24 through Monday 9/2/24, reopen 9/3/24. This provides a safer environment for all.

Q: Why do we close the entire building?

A: Due to toxic chemicals, construction hazards and water interruptions, it is advised for member safety and comfort that we close off the entire building.

Q: Are my membership dues refunded or prorated during this time?

A: Membership dues are calculated to include facility closures and are not refunded or prorated. You may choose to put your membership on hold or to cancel. All memberships changes must be done prior to the last day of the month prior to the hold/cancel month. Holds are for 2-4 months with a $20 hold fee. When you pay your dues, you are paying for the current month. If you cancel and renew within 30 days, the joining fee will be waived. Email

**Child Care is able to assure ventilation safety during this time and will remain separate from the construction/maintenance, so those services will not be interrupted. For further questions regarding Child Care, please contact

Membership questions or changes?

Email: Membership Director or call 541.440.9622 ext 202 to leave a voicemail


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Facility Hours

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