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What’s Your Y Story?

Tell us about your Y transformation!

Your story, whether it's about you, the people you know, or an entire community has the potential to motivate others with real-life tales of how the Y not only promises, but also delivers positive change. Through your unique and special voice, the Y can share your story to bring people together to invest in our kids, our health, and our neighbors. If a story about the Y has meaning for you and you're willing to tell it, then we believe it's worth hearing. The only thing more important than the words you have to say is the untold lives your story touches.

Please share some basic information with us before writing your inspiring story.

Some ideas:

  • “My favorite memory of the Y is…”

  • “Being part of the Y makes me/my family feel…”

  • “The Y changed my/our life by…”

  • “I care most about the work the Y does for…”

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