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Refund Policy/Returned Checks & Declined Charges

All schedules, activities, class fees and staff may be changed or cancelled by the YMCA without notice. If the YMCA cancels a program that has a fee, a full refund will be issued. For further refund questions contact the Membership office. The YMCA reserves the right to charge a $50 service fee on all     returned checks, electronic fund transfers and declined recurring credit charges. All declined credit or debit cards will be resubmitted one time for collection attempt with no additional charge.

Cancellation or Changes to Full Pay Membership Policy

The Y recognizes that there may be circumstances under which a member may need to cancel, make changes to their membership, or need to take leave of absence 
(HOLD). A membership will continue to remain active until the YMCA is notified by the last business day of the current month and will be cancelled effective on the 1st day of the next month, including in the event of closures beyond the YMCAs control such as weather or a pandemic. A Leave of absence will be granted with a two-month minimum and a four-month maximum. A $20 hold fee will be applied.  Dues will automatically resume at the conclusion of the hold. Due to the wide variety of ways in which persons may attempt to cancel, cancellations often do not reach the office, be it human or electronic error, therefore all cancellations will receive a confirmation number. Those claiming they have cancelled without a confirmation number who are still incurring charges will be held responsible for the charges incurred. Cancellations to annual payment plans will be refunded the remaining months of the membership dues paid. Joining fees are non-refundable. Members who remain cancelled for longer than one month must repay the joining fee when reinstating. 

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